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It lies in the region of Bundelkhand on the banks of the Pahuj Riverin the extreme south of Uttar Pradesh. Jhansi is the administrative headquarters of Jhansi district and Jhansi division. The original walled city grew around its stone fort which crowns a neighbouring rock. The ancient name of the city was Balwantnagar. Jhansi is well connected to all other major towns in Uttar Pradesh by road and railway networks.

Jhansi is also being developed as the defence corridor by the NDA government which will boost the economy of the city and the region at the same time. Srinagar to Kanyakumari North-South corridor passes closely to Jhansi as does the East-West corridor; consequently there has been a sudden rush of infrastructure and real estate development in the city.


Jhansi was adjudged the third cleanest city of Uttar Pradesh and the fastest moving city in the North Zone in Swachh Survekshan rankings. A greenfield airport development has been planned.

In the 18th century, the town of Jhansi served as the capital of a Maratha province and later the Princely State of Jhansi from tillwhen the territory became a part of British India.

Jhansi is located at The city has a natural slope in the north as it is on the south western border of the vast Tarai plains of Uttar Pradesh and the elevation rises on the south.

The land is suitable for species of citrus fruit and crops include wheat, pulses, peas, and oilseeds. The region relies heavily on Monsoon the rains for irrigation purposes.

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Under an ambitious canal project the Rajghat canalthe government is constructing a network of canals for irrigation in Jhansi and Lalitpur and some part of Madhya Pradesh. The trade in agricultural products including grain and oilseeds is of great economic importance. Being on a rocky plateau, Jhansi experiences extreme temperatures. Winter begins in October with the retreat of the Southwest Monsoon Jhansi does not experience any rainfall from the Northeast Monsoon and peaks in mid-December.

The mercury generally reads about 4 degrees minimum and 21 degrees maximum. Spring arrives by the end of February and is a short-lived phase of transition. Summer begins by April and summer temperatures can peak at 47 degrees in May. The rainy season starts by the third week of June although this is variable year to year.

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Monsoon rains gradually weaken in September and the season ends by the last week of September. In the rainy season, the average daily high temperature hovers around 36 degrees Celsius with high humidity. In summer Jhansi experiences temperatures as high as degrees and in winter the temperatures fall as low as degrees recorded in winter As of Indian CensusJhansi city had a total population ofof whichwere males andwere females. Population within the age group of 0 to 6 years was 55,Tuesday, 19 December Dj Talib introduction music dj Deepak Jhansi Download.

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dj jhansi in

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Will the after course services and certification be the same? Yes, The after courses services will be same for every student holding a genuine and valid certificate of Skratch DJ Academy. Courses Offered.For the DJs of Jhansi, religion is irrelevant.

Most of them are young boys looking to earn a quick buck and popularity. So, anything goes. Every alternate Sunday, catchy remixes played at full blast from multiple loudspeakers usher them in. The procession is led by a group of men playing the dhol with a passion, and the atmosphere seems charged with devotion.

But pay closer attention to the lyrics and you realise they have nothing to do with Sai Baba at all, or even devotion. Marte dum tak apne mukh se Jai Shri Ram gaunga. I have come to awaken the Hindus, will leave after awakening the Hindus.

Will sing Jai Shri Ram till my dying breath. But the popularity is immense: A lot of the mixes are available online for free, and the DJs are often signed up for processions on festivals like Ram Navami and Ganesh Chaturthi.


Despite the nature of the songs, Muslims are tapping in too. Jhansi has an estimated DJs, most of whom are young boys who often take crash courses in mixing just before festivals like Ram Navami and Ganesh Chaturthi. Each DJ has about four to five assistant who helps him out with mixing, distributing and, eventually, playing during road shows.

Their tracks are not so much songs as movie dialogues and political speeches set to music. The video has millions of views on YouTube. DJ Lucky now has a verified channel on YouTube with more thansubscribers, and is one of the few among his peers to earn a living from his songs. Communal violence during Ram Navami in West Bengal and Bihar earlier this year was attributed by police to sloganeering and the playing of hate tracks near Muslim-dominated areas.

The Jhansi DJs say they mean no harm, but none ThePrint talked to pled ignorance about the use of their songs to create communal tension.

They knew the tracks are often played outside Muslim localities and mosques with the express intention to stir up passions. Monu DJ, a businessman, said his customers included members of all religions, adding that he would rather not think about the moral implications of his work.

The prospect of eruptions keeps police on edge and they keep an eye on the processions where these songs are played. At the Manik Chowk procession, two policemen on a motorcycle made occasional appearances. Women, apart from those in the procession, stayed away.The soils of the district are characterised by their varying depth, topographic situations and colours. The two main soil groups are red and black that generates four soil series locally known as rakar, parwa, kabar and mar.

The soil texture varies from rocky, gravely, sandy, sandy loam to clay loam and having gentle to steep 0.

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Farming situations and cropping patterns vary as per soil type, water, vegetation and livestock availability. The average annual rainfall of the district is Droughts and long dry spells occur during rainy season is the common feature in the district which directly affect the kharif and rabi production.

The main sources of irrigation water are reservoirs, canals and tube wells which are totally dependent on rainfall. Black gram, green gram, groundnut, sesame, pigeon pea, sorghum and paddy are major crops grown in kharif season while wheat, barley, chickpea, field pea, vegetable pea, lentil, mustard and linseed are grown during rabi season. See more Article. Toggle navigation.

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Your text will be here, sample text will be here text will be here sample text. District Profile. Recent News Conducting "On Farm Testing" for identifying technology in terms of location specific sustainable land use.

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Organize training to update the extension personal with emerging advances in agriculture research on regular basis. Organize short and long term vocational training courses and allied vacation for the farmer Conducting "On Farm Testing" for identifying technology in terms of location specific sustainable land use.

Organize short and long term vocational training courses and allied vacation for the farmer See more Article.Lakshmi Baialso spelled Laxmi Baiborn c. During a siege of the fort of JhansiBai offered stiff resistance to the invading forces and did not surrender even after her troops were overwhelmed. She was later killed in combat after having successfully assaulted Gwalior. She married the maharaja of Jhansi, Gangadhar Rao, but was widowed without bearing a surviving heir to the throne.

Following established Hindu tradition, just before his death the maharaja adopted a boy as his heir. Lord Dalhousiethe British governor-general of India, refused to recognize the adopted heir and annexed Jhansi in accordance with the doctrine of lapse.

An agent of the East India Company was posted in the small kingdom to look after administrative matters. The year-old queen refused to cede Jhansi to the British. Shortly after the beginning of the mutiny inwhich broke out in MeerutLakshmi Bai was proclaimed the regent of Jhansi, and she ruled on behalf of the minor heir.

Joining the uprising against the British, she rapidly organized her troops and assumed charge of the rebels in the Bundelkhand region.

Mutineers in the neighbouring areas headed toward Jhansi to offer her support.

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Under Gen. Offering stiff resistance to the invading forces, Lakshmi Bai did not surrender even after her troops were overwhelmed and the rescuing army of Tantia Topeanother rebel leader, was defeated at the Battle of Betwa. Lakshmi Bai managed to escape from the fort with a small force of palace guards and headed eastward, where other rebels joined her. Tantia Tope and Lakshmi Bai then mounted a successful assault on the city-fortress of Gwalior.

The treasury and the arsenal were seized, and Nana Sahiba prominent leader, was proclaimed as the peshwa ruler. Dressed as a man, she fought a fierce battle and was killed in combat. Lakshmi Bai. Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Lakshmi Bai queen of Jhansi. See Article History. Top Questions.

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With the British recovery of Gwalior June 20,the revolt was virtually over. Jhansicity, southwestern Uttar Pradesh state, northern India. It lies in the western part of the upland Bundelkhand region, along the border with Madhya Pradesh state and just west of the Betwa River.

The city, which is enclosed by a wall, expanded around a fort built in by the ruler….

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Indian Mutinywidespread but unsuccessful rebellion against British rule in India in —DJ Ikka Jhansi. Share Taara - Diljit Dosanjh Taara - Diljit Dosanjh Share Teri Aankhya ka yo Kajal ikka chigaon mixing Teri Aankhya ka yo Kajal ikka chigaon mixing New Haryanvi Song - Gol Gappe - dj ikka jhansi mixing Reviewed by ikka on Rating: 5.

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Ambarsariya Tropical dj ikka jhansi. Share Wakhra Swag Navv dj ikka jhinasi sarnge mixing 2. Share Fast Music desee tadka mix dj ikka jhinasi sarnge mixing Read More. Newer Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Recent Post. New Haryanvi Song - Gol Gappe - dj ikka jhansi mix Bolo Tara Ra Ra- dj ikka Jhansi mixing