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Bluetooth capabilities enable correct crimping parameters to be sent directly from a mobile app to the machine.

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September 30, Manuli Hydraulics. Manuli Anaconda Hydraulic Hose for Hydrostatic Drives The Anaconda hose has a reduced bending force to enable use in tight routing conditions of hydrostatic drives. Continental Introduces Cloud-Based Crimper Controller The CrimpIQ controller is designed to provide remote maintenance and updates through cloud-based technology that saves the customer time and money.

manuli crimper

Myers Spring Hose Guards and Supports Myers Spring offers hose guards and supports which are available in off-the-shelf and custom solutions. Myers Spring Company. Manuli Hydraulics Cryoflex Hose Line Manuli's Cryoflex hose line features a low glass transition point which allows the hose to maintain flexibility and structural integrity at temperatures where others would rapidly begin to fail.

ContiTech Fluid Technology. Parker Hannifin Corp. Continental Standard Grip Fitting Line for Spiral Hoses Continental's standard grip line of fittings for spiral hoses enables a single product family to fit various applications.

Interpump Hydraulic Connectors. ContiTech Flexible High-Temperature Hose Displayed at baumathe ContiTech high-temperature hose is capable of withstanding temperatures up to C F and pressures up to 15 bar. ContiTech North America, Inc. Dynatect Manufacturing Inc.A complete range of hydraulic hoses designed to meet the requirements of even the toughest applications and environmental conditions.

A comprehensive range of hydraulic hoses designed for a variety of applications. All our Universal hoses meet the relevant international norms and are arranged in families according to the traditional selection approach where pressure rating decreases with increasing bore size. Sometimes there is an application that has such specialised or extreme requirements that only a dedicated, specially designed hose could possibly cope.

For these cases Manuli offers a selection of hoses which we have developed with these highly specific tasks in mind.

The Manuli hydraulic hose range is dedicated to hydraulic systems and equipment in a multitude of industry sectors, including construction, mining, agriculture, drilling and forestry to name just a few.

With over 40 product families, Manuli Hydraulics can offer a solution to practically any hydraulic application requirement. Our Extreme range of hoses are designed to meet, and in most cases exceed, the requirements of international norms, guaranteeing superior performance and improved service life when compared to standard hoses. Our Extreme hoses are often designed Read More This range of hoses is arranged in families according to the traditional selection approach where pressure rating decreases with increasing bore size.

The Isobaric standard, ISOalso categorises hoses according to their resistance to impulse pressures and temperatures — Grades A to D.

Read More This new simplified approach to selection is easier, quicker and less prone to mistakes; it also ties in well with typical system-design methodologies, where designers select components based on performance rather than hose structure. Download the Manuli Hydraulics Hoses Catalogue now. The core of the Manuli fittings range, the MF product line comprises a number of families designed for different applications and assembly methodologies. The two-piece nature of the range means that each assembled fitting requires a termination end fitting and a suitable ferrule.

Intelligent product selection therefore allows for reduced stock-holding, as ferrules are typically suitable for many different termination end types. Interlock Plus IP Maximum reliability for very high pressure wire spiral hoses in heavy-duty applications. Xtralock XL Specifically designed for ultra-high pressure hydraulic power lines.


Pushlock PL Insert solution for low pressure applications without the need for a crimped ferrule. Manuli MF fittings are manufactured with an eco-friendly, zinc plating treatment for high corrosion resistance, and most references are made from solid stock without welding.

Manuli Hydraulics is globally respected for the breadth and versatility of our hydraulic fittings range. Comprising over 6, individual references, we have fittings to suit most of the common international standards as well as the specific requirements of several of our major OEM customers.

Designed to eliminate the possibility of using the wrong ferrule-fitting combination, the MF one piece fitting range is becoming more and more popular with assemblers. Made up of a fitting with the suitable ferrule pre-crimped onto it, the MF range is ideal for both OEM and aftermarket use. The MF range includes two families designed to cover most of the commonly used sizes and pressure ratings:.

Manuli MF fittings are manufactured with an eco-friendly, zinc plating treatment for high corrosion resistance, with zinc-nickel and Supa-Black coatings available on demand. Download the Manuli Hydraulics Fittings Catalogue now.

Rotofit is the well-known Manuli Hydraulics solution designed to eliminate hose twist under external torques. Hose twist can be a major contributor to premature failure of the hose assembly. Manuli Hydraulics prides itself on its innovative solutions to common, real-world problems in hydraulics applications. Our Smart Fittings range was born from these solutions.

Enabling quick and easy installation of assemblies, Easyfit requires a simple axial push to create a leak-proof, high performance seal.

On connection, Easyfit self-aligns thus improving the service life of the hose assembly by removing any undesirable twist in the hose. Premium Quality Premium quality, one and two piece hydraulic fittings… Every application covered.Modern hydraulics applications require robust fluid connector solutions with guaranteed long lasting performance.

To that end, Manuli Hydraulics offers a complete range of hoses, fittings and assembly equipment which are designed to work seamlessly together. This harmonised approach allows us to guarantee the quality and performance of hose assemblies in a way that our competitors simply cannot match. From design to manufacture and assembly, our commitment to this unified philosophy makes us the global leader in providing integrated solutions for hydraulic connector applications.

If you are an existing Manuli Assembly Machines customer why not register your machine to receive a host of additional benefits.

manuli crimper

Manuli Hydraulics crimping machines come in a variety of sizes and capacities, making them ideal for everything from one-off, small bore maintenance jobs, to full scale assembly production operations.

Our dedicated range of hose cutting machines have been developed to be safe, efficient and produce a high-quality of cut through even the toughest hose structures. From manual hand-skiving tools for low volume maintenance outfits, to high volume production machines, our skiving equipment provides a clean, safe hose skive whatever your hose type. Designed to apply proof-pressure testing to assembled hoses, our test benches allow you to test and certify hose assemblies up to 2, bar.

Struggling to get those larger bore fittings into the hose? Our insert pushing equipment takes the effort and uncertainty out of building hose assemblies by making sure that fittings are fully inserted prior to crimping.

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Ensure full traceability with our ferrule marking equipment, complete with a full set of alpha-numeric and additional character punches. Manuli also offers a full range of accessories and spare parts for your hose assembly operations.

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We can supply everything from hose decoilers to replacement skiving blades and everything in-between. Contact your local Manuli Representative now to find out more. Manuli Hydraulics offers a wide variety of assembly equipment, suitable for all manner of maintenance and production environments.

In order to simplify the process of selecting the right machines for the job, we offer a range of modules composed of specifically selected equipment and dedicated to various workshop types. Pre-programmed with the entire Manuli hose assembly and crimping database, SCS knows which components should be assembled to which hose type; which die set should be installed; and what the final crimp diameter should be.

Large OEM hose assembly productions in particular, require increasingly high quality standards from suppliers. They need proven and certified systems and processes with measurable and repeatable parameters. Additionally, SCS creates and maintains a database of your assembling activities including logs of recurrent and customised assembliesrecording the related control and custom parameters as well as personalized solutions. SCS also provides an immediate alert for possible mistakes in production eg: an incorrectly inserted fitting or an incomplete crimping operation.

Mistakes are immediately detected and rejected by the system, minimising the possibility of the incorrect component being supplied to a customer.Crimping force : 1, kN Diameter : 64 mm. This versatile machine can be used forseveral applications. It is the perfect equipment Light and easy to move, it is the perfect equipment for on-site service. Crimping force : kN Diameter : 46 mm. This versatile machine can be used for several applications and it is perfect for outdoor service.

manuli crimper

Crimping force :, 30 kN Diameter : 3 mm - 16 mm. No more lost time changing the dies sets. Just change the handle and you are already crimping the other size. No risk of loosing dies, no dirty hands, no "time lost". With the built-in Crimping force : kN Diameter : 63 mm. Crimping force : 2, kN Diameter : 82 mm. The tried and tested greaseless slide bearing technology reduces maintenance and increases the product quality. KMB hose crimping machines are the portable models, which are suitable for field operation or frequent moving maintenance.

The small and portable machine Crimping force : 6, kN Diameter : 2 in. Advantages Of Hyraulic Crimping force : 1, N Diameter : 4 mm - 70 mm.

Manuli Hydraulics Bluetooth Enabled EVO Crimping Machines

Manual crimping machine AP79L is simple to use and recommended for a limited daily production. It is a counter machinebuilt with a solid structure which supports the Manual crimping machine AP93L is simple to use and recommended for a limited daily production.

Non adjustable manual crimping tool for micropump or aluminum cap crimping on bottles. APM98 is simple to use, just place the crimping head on the neck of the bottle, Marken manufactures a variety of versatile service crimping machines and devices. Portable crimping machines for use on multiple production lines Crimping force : 0 kN - 1, kN Diameter : 0 in - 1 in. The SM 25 is a portable crimping equipment that is integrated with a 2-speed manual pump. It has the capacity to accommodate hoses that measure up to 1" R2, and deliver a crimping The crimping process is completely manual throught clamp lever.

Crimping force : 1, kN Diameter : 1 in. Crimping force : 1, kN Diameter : 4 mm - It is easy to operate and highly reliable. Finn-Power P16 HP is a manually operated hydraulic Crimping force : kN Diameter : 4 mm - 43 mm. Also ideal for carrying out on-site repairs.

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Crimping force : 0 N - 1, N Diameter : 0 mm - mm. Continuous adjustment of pressure.In this document we present the most up-to-date information with regards to our entire range of hydraulic and refrigeration hoses and their respective fitting solutions.

As Manuli Hydraulics prides itself on being one of the world leaders in providing integrated hydraulic connector solutions, this document represents the cornerstone of our business vision. The information provided within this document is critical to ensure the safe, reliable and consistent production of hydraulic and refrigeration hose assemblies.

manuli hydraulic hose crimper

The release of this information in booklet format is the result of our ever increasing number of fitting solutions, designed to cater for a wide range of applications and a geographically diverse customer base. This booklet is intended to be a handy, userfriendly tool that will provide immediate benefit in any assembly line or hydraulic workshop where the Manuli product range is used.

Among these innovative solutions is the introduction of the new M and M no-skive ferrules, designed to suit one-wire braid compact small size hoses and medium sized, light duty, wire spiral hoses respectively. Both of these products have been extremely well received by the market in the months since their release. This parameter indicates which die-set number the assemblers should choose when crimping the hose assemblies using Manuli crimping machines. This is an important addition because it prevents the assembler from accidentally choosing the wrong die-set and therefore potentially compromising the quality of the crimping operation.

Finally, as this document is intended to support both the distribution and OEM markets Manuli have included specific instructions for ensuring the correct selection of a crimping solution, and also for the correct hydraulic hose assembly procedure.

These instructions provide you the customer with the best advice and techniques to ensure the production of professional, high-quality hose assemblies. How to Select an Appropriate Crimping Solution In this revision of the Manuli Hydraulics Crimping Booklet Juneyou will find one or more fitting solution provided for each hose type and individual reference in the Manuli range. Manuli Hydraulics offers a wide range of fitting solutions to allow it to meet the needs of a complex, global market.

In this chapter you will find guidelines on how to select the correct fitting solutions for your applications.

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Should you require additional support, contact your Manuli Hydraulics Sales Engineer who will be happy to provide expert advice and information. Also, for special applications support you can contact our Technical Marketing Team. It is recommended that all assemblers study the hydraulic applications and the type of customers and users they have to serve in order to identify the most appropriate fitting solution to be proposed.

Heavy duty wire spiral hoses are proposed with double skive Interlock Plus fittings. These are very robust and reliable, designed for long service life in severe hydraulic applications. This solution is preferred by OEMs and generally selected for the most demanding applications, but advised and commonly used also at distribution market level. In fact, the double skive operation required for assembling is not difficult, and can be easily implemented with dedicated tooling, and carried out by normal qualified personnel.

In terms of performance, the Interlock Plus fitting solution offers a very high fatigue resistance, exceeding the norms requirements 1 million or more impulse cycles. It is highly recommended for demanding applications, particularly those which subject the hose assembly to vibrations, high temperatures and flexing movements, or which require high durability i. Light duty wire spiral hoses are proposed with skive ferrules associated with the Multifit universal insert, this solution is easy to assemble, robust and uses the same inventory of inserts as the wire braided hoses.

In terms of performance this fitting solution meets and exceeds the international specifications requirements. It is primarily used in aftermarket and OEM supplies. Wire braided hoses are proposed with no-skive ferrules associated with the Multifit insert, a universal insert style used for textile reinforced and wire braided hoses.

This solution is easy to assemble because it does not require any skiving operation and the visibility of the hose-to-fitting insertion process is very clear thanks to the two piece architecture.

In addition the crimp is flat on the ferrule, inventory control is easy and minimal if compared to the one piece fitting style as a few ferrules lines cover the whole range of hoses with the same universal inserts. This is a common solution throughout Europe but is also well-received globally.

In terms of performance, this fitting solution meets and exceed the basic requirements of international norms; it is therefore appropriate for any basic hydraulic application without severe or out-of-standard stresses. It is also widely used in aftermarket when and where definite and long life expectancy requirements are not a major issue. This is the most common fitting solution of the Manuli Hydraulics range and it is based on the concept of a two piece MF fitting.

However, the inventory needed is higher than for the two piece fitting style. It is also important that the fitting insertion depth is carefully measured and checked before proceeding with the assembling process.Order your copy here. Latest GoldenCrimp sets new standards for field repair and assembly equipment.

Providing reliability and resilience in harsh environments, the new unit offers the high performance and adaptability that are vital in modern hose assembly operations.

manuli crimper

The GoldenCrimp is of robust design suitble for transport and operation in tough environments, such as open-pit mines. The GoldenCrimp unit is highly adaptable with a large opening suitable for large-bore hoses and an extensive range of die sets for crimping both hydraulic and industrial hoses.

It can also be operated as a standard bench-top machine or switched to a space-saving configuration where the power pack is located remotely from the head to reduce bench space. Skip to main content. Manuli Hydraulics unveil new bench-top crimping machine.

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Provides direct access to our Quality Claims system as well as allowing you to manage your outstanding issues. Technical Help Desk The Technical Help Desk provides a direct line to our technical team who will help you find the most appropriate solution for your enquiry. Crimping Data Tool Access the most up-to-date hose crimping data for the Manuli Hydraulics product range. Approvals Provides access to the latest industrial approval certificates for the Manuli product range and production facilities.

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